Handling Adversity

Yesterday we had the priviledge of hearing Pastor Tope Koleoso of Jubilee Church Enfield speak on Handling Adversity. It’s the latest in their series After God’s Heart which is a study in the life of David. This message particularly spoke to Mandy and I because we feel that we are being persued by a Saul […]

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New beginnings

Hello, welcome to my new site. It’s also the start of 2017, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to start a new blog. New Beginnings was the title of a talk given by Tope Koleso of Jubilee Church London at their annual Crossover service. Each year we say goodbye to the previous […]

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Do it now

Earlier this evening Mandy set up and lit the fire pit we had bought in the Spring. We had planned to use it in the summer, when the evenings were long and warm, and we could invite friends round to enjoy it with us. We never did. As I was enjoying the fire pit this […]

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Happy Birthday VB

Visual Basic, or VB, is 25 years old. Happy birthday! It was the first programming language I used after graduating and getting a “proper” job in 1999. Although I mostly use C# now, I remember the good old days using VB6. Good times.

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At a church event a few weeks ago, everyone was asked to write their dreams down on a sheet of paper, with the roadblocks we think we’ll face and some markers to accomplish along the way. My dream is to run my own business in software and/or web development, and rather than employ people with […]

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