At a church event a few weeks ago, everyone was asked to write their dreams down on a sheet of paper, with the roadblocks we think we’ll face and some markers to accomplish along the way. My dream is to run my own business in software and/or web development, and rather than employ people with […]

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Review of 2015

I’ve never written a review of the year before as a blog post, even though I enjoy reading other people’s. It’s really fascinating, looking over a calendar to see what I’ve been up to. So, here is my look back at 2015: In January/February Mandy and I became Home Group leaders at Grace Church. This […]

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Social Responsibility

One of the things I’m really impressed with the company I work for, iSite, is the work they do for charity. It’s a real privilege to work for a company that takes it social responsibility seriously – even better than some Christian organisations. In the last 3 or so months, here’s what I’ve found out: […]

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Three Months In

Back in August I mentioned that I moved on from ChurchApp and started working at iSite. Well, today I learned that I passed my 3 month probationary period, and therefore am staying at iSite for the foreseeable future. This is quite a relief to me, as there have been a couple of projects which had […]

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Goodbye August

This August has been a difficult month for Mandy and I. A number of things have all happened at the same time which have tested us and taught us some lessons. Job – At the beginning of the month I had to make a difficult choice regarding my career, and therefore decided to leave ChurchApp, the […]

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