Learning .Net

One thing about programmers is that we never sit still – always wanting to learn new things and know what’s next. I’ve been using one particular language in my day job since 2009, and have now decided to change path. The language I’ve previously using is PHP, which is used on some popular web sites, and I’m now moving over to Microsoft’s .Net framework, ASP.NET with C#, which is also used on some popular web sites.

Why the change? Well, the programming software used to code in .Net, Visual Studio, is the best IDE around. It’s also a great tool to help you find where bugs are.

Comparing the languages, PHP and C#, is just a matter of personal preference. One is not better than the other. I’m just preferring C# at the moment. The problem with programmers is that they’re a judgemental bunch, which isn’t always helpful or nice. But that’s a subject for another post.

Hello World

After several years of being a blogger, off and on, I’ve decided to start something new. My previous posts are over at adrianj.co.uk though some of the things I’ve posted there may not apply now.

This is where I will share what’s going on in my life, and the adventures I’m hoping to have in programming.

As an introduction, I’m Adrian, I live in Nottingham with my wife Mandy, and I work as a web developer.

I love programming and discovering what’s happening in the world of technology. Unlike most programmers, I don’t have an affinity to one particular platform. Most people are pro-Apple, anti-Microsoft, pro-Google etc. whereas I see the good and bad in all. I have Macs which also run Windows. I use tablets running all the major platforms (Android, iOS and Windows). I program in PHP for the web and also dabble in Microsoft .Net and Objective-C depending on my mood. I prefer it when things just work.

Mandy and I are both Christians and members of Grace Church in Nottingham. We both have a heart for serving the city and helping people reach their potential.

I also like architecture and things related to design. I prefer visiting cities rather than the country and don’t have any interest in sport.

That’s pretty much it about me. I hope you enjoy my blog.

myJohnLewis Loyalty Card

John Lewis, the UK based department store, was one of the last few remaining retailers yet to launch a loyalty card. In one sense, that’s what set them apart from everyone else – knowing whenever I purchased something from there I wouldn’t be asked for a card or fooled into thinking I had to spend more to get benefits I didn’t really need.

Anyway, recently, (ok October 2013, which proves how often I shop there), John Lewis have succumbed and launched their own loyalty card. Called myJohnLewis, it operates in much the same way as other loyalty cards in that you gain points when you spend, and hopefully you’ll gain enough points to buy something else you want. One difference though is that you get a free drink every month (using vouchers that came through the post).

However, as with all things from John Lewis, the branding and packaging of the card matches the whole John Lewis experience – this “experience” being “someone cares”. When you wander around the store, you sense that people have taken time and effort to arrange everything to help you browse and buy. Items are set out neatly, and you are invited to try things out to see if you like it. The overall branding of John Lewis is very clean and clear – you want to read the little booklet that comes with the card because it’s inviting you to.

Time will tell whether I will use the card or not, yet I want to because of the packaging it came in.

Weekend Links 2

More links for the weekend now, starting with…

Nightwalk in Marseille

I appreciate this site more having been to Marseille last year, but even if I hadn”t have been, I would have liked it because of it”s concept and how it works.

The site combines Google Maps and Street View with other web niceness to enable you to walk round the city of Marseille at night experiencing the sites and sounds. You check your progress in the map in the lower left corner, and along the way items appear in the main screen for you to click and view.

To get the best experience, put your headphones on…



World of Swiss

I”m not sure if you would class this as a mini-site or micro site, but either way it”s a very clever site for Swiss Air.

To navigate through the site, you just scroll. To begin with, there are the sales-y bits for Swiss Air, but then you”re taken to details of the aircraft they use, and finally a live map of where their planes are in the air. Selecting a plane on the map gives you the flight details.


Nott Just a City 2014

Yesterday I took a look at a pop up exhibition that is located within the former Dwell store on Fletcher Gate, Nottingham. Called Nott Just a City, and organised by Nottingham & Derby Society of Architects, it features work by students and architecture practices, within the Nottingham and Derby area as well as further afield.

Besides the exhibition pieces, there are also some demonstrations and fun things for children to do, related to architecture and building, as well as talks by architects. On the day I visited, the demo was brick making, and looking at the website there is also a feature to build a Nottingham landmark out of Lego. If I had known about it earlier, and maybe had more information about the talks, I might have tried to attend one.

I found the exhibition interesting, and not too over whelming. I wasn’t sure how many of the exhibits were of buildings that are planned or which are projects from students, however, there were some very intriguing looking buildings.

The exhibition is open daily 12pm to 8pm at The Pod on Fletcher Gate, Nottingham until 19th April. You can follow Nott Just a City on twitter @Nott_Justacity.

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